Releasing the women prophets (Women's DAY Conference)

$ 30.00 CAD

Have You ever considered, the You are an heir of the Prophets?

Come and see what five women prophets have to say to your destiny.

Like Elijah, They suddenly emerge on the scene and release words that rock their world.

At their decree atmospheres shift, strongholds shatter  and nations are shaken to the core.

The world is waiting for the likes of these to arise again.  It's time to choose YOUR powerful life

         Five Sessions:

      -   Two Morning Sessions

               -   Three Afternoon Sessions

BIBlical women - zelophehad's daughther(Women's DAY                                   Conference)

$ 30.00 CAD



God changed law for 5 famous sisters.  They found their voices and changed the future for women.  Come and learn about how god wants to do the same for you.

Introducing the Bible's FAB FIVE.  (Numbers 27) These outstanding, courageous daughters will show you how to access the life you really want.  Come on it's time to face your fears and move the immovable.  Stop neglecting your future one more day.  God asking for it!

         Four Sessions:

      -   Two Morning Sessions

               -   Two Afternoon Sessions

BIBlical women - CAleb's daughter(Women's DAY                                            Conference)

$ 30.00 CAD

Break off your current land of restrictions and move to the land promised, the land of milk and honey.  A spacious place, limitless of inheritance, where God wants to give you more.

Women find it hard to ask for what they wish.  It is easy enough to ask for your kids, for family or husband but very hard to ask for yourself.  1400 years before Jesus opens the way for women, Achsah was stepping into and asking for a blessing before she was legally allowed to... and she was only 14.  She asked for what she wanted.  From her request, her father gave her a region and even the resources that she would need to support the region.

         Two Sessions:

      -   One Morning Session

               -   One Afternoon Session

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